Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kolja Strohm de94611915 fix add linebreaks function of text fields with formatted text 3 weeks ago
  Kolja Strohm 6270e063a8 fix formatted text conflicts with null terminated strings 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 513cba4c3d fix uninitialized memory in regex expression parsing and correct problems with allowed character lists 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 28e77ad6d2 fix BildschirmGröße did not return the correct size 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm e83a8a72ea add OutputDebugStringLoggingChannel 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 93cd71e4c6 add stack datastructure 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 6a765f94e0 fix text with and height calulation 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 31de2ff2b7 fix problems with tables in uiml views 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 1010d047fa allow multiple different texture models without shared model memory 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 0a09159375 fix problems with formatted texts so that they do not have to contain 0 byte anymore 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 6720624bf3 improve performance of arrays 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm dcc59f9131 add CriticalLock that unlocks automatically if the current scope is left 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 2e9d6d994a improve performance of text operations 1 month ago
  Kolja Strohm 14ac2dfc35 fix executed console command was only removed from console after next update 3 months ago
  Kolja Strohm 202c5df23c improve ConsoleCommand interface 3 months ago
  Kolja Strohm a58b3b16f9 return 0 if a polygon texture is accessed that does not exists 3 months ago
  Kolja Strohm 71574ab01f fix cursor rendering in text fields 4 months ago
  Kolja Strohm d693a2dbfa use more const references and fix light colors in console 4 months ago
  Kolja Strohm fdc8bd635c fix some issues with logging 4 months ago
  Kolja Strohm dfe62092f7 add console handler for better console applications 4 months ago
  Kolja Strohm 20065ae6e3 add Logging Configuration 5 months ago
  Kolja Strohm 2a35079df7 add streams 5 months ago
  Kolja Strohm 544348198d Add Iterator Interface 5 months ago
  Kolja Strohm 7abf9d2f93 implement regular expressions 9 months ago
  Kolja Strohm 2ef8a8675d fix default value was ignored during json validation if a value could have multiple possible types 9 months ago
  Kolja Strohm 01cea70976 improve performance of json validation 9 months ago
  Kolja Strohm 941b1d4d93 fix memory error in json validation 9 months ago
  Kolja Strohm b384eb1213 improve json validation 9 months ago
  Kolja Strohm bd55e237b2 make reference counting threadsafe 10 months ago
  Kolja Strohm ec69a5cdaf fix not all elements where updated correctly when the uiml of a uiml view was changed 10 months ago