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With the use of applications by Kolja Strohm - Games you automatically agree with the following conditions.
1. Service providing
We do not guarantee for the proper functioning of our applications. We may turn off the server at any time.
2. License for using
We hereby grant you a revocable license for exclusively personal use of our applications.
Commercial use for corporate purposes is strictly prohibited, but may be allowed by agreement with us.
3. Breach of the Terms of Use
In a breach of the Terms of Use, we will terminate the affected account or impose other in-game penalties. This may include the loss of additionally acquired content.
4. Changing the user conditions
We may change the user conditions at any time.
5. Prohibited
By using our applications You agree, not to:
  5.1 create or use cheats, hacks or unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the Service or any Games;
  5.2 buy or sell for real money items or resources that may be used in a Game outside the Game;
  5.3 modify any files that are a part of any Game or the Service;
  5.4 intercept, emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by Kolja Strohm - Games;
  5.5 disrupt any computer, used to support the Service or any Game Server;
  5.6 create any unauthorized connection to any Game, including any connection to any unauthorized server that emulates the Service or any Game.
6. Ownership
  All contents that are offered by our applications are owned by Kolja Strohm - Games. By acquiring paid content ownership does not pass to the user. We can change or remove any content without compensation. All content created with our applications by users, are owned by Kolja Strohm - Games.
7. Account data
  Each account is owned by Kolja Strohm - Games. You agree that we record all Your activities and save them for any length of time.
8. Data protection
  We use Device Ids, to personalize content and ads to offer features for social media and analyze the hits on our applications. We also pass these identifiers and other information about Your device to our partner for social media, advertising and analysis.