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BLOCKS Mark Balls
The aim is to create barriers to guide the colored balls into their appropriately-colored holes. To do that you have different tools. You can choose one of them at the center of the upper field edge.


This tool allows you to create straight lines, which makes the balls bounce off. You can produce endless lines. A line will disappear, when it is hit by a ball.


This tool allows you to create indestructable blocks. There is no way to remove a block after it was set and there is no way for a ball to pass the block. For every level you finish, you will get one block that you can set in a level afterward. If you use a block to unlock the next level than you will lose it forever.

There are different blocks on the pitch. All of them are explained in the list below.


This is the startpoint of the balls. There can be many startpoints in each level.


This is the hole, where the balls must enter, when they have the same color.


You will get a bonus of time if a ball hits this block.


This block will be destroyed if a ball with the same color hits it.


This is a pool of color that will color every ball that will enter it.


This is a button. Something will happen if a ball is touching it.


No ball should ever touch this block. Otherwise it will have to start again at the startpoint of the level.


There are allways two of these blocks in the same color. Somthing will happen if you connect them by creating a line whith the pen.


This is a broken block. It will let all balls pass, that have the same color as the block.


A ball can pass this block only in the direction of the arrow and if it has the same color.


This block will speed up a ball in the direction of the arrow while it is passing the block.


This block is magnetic and it attracts balls.