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5 Minigames is the first app that I ever programmed. Like the name says, there are five different little games in one app. The app is available in german and english.

In this game you have to prevent the blocks from reaching the left side of the screen, while new blocks appear on the right side. To do that, you can shoot them with different balls by moving your finger at the left side of the screen. Each time you hit a block, the block will be damaged. If a block is destroid, he will disappear together with all blocks which have the same color and lie side by side. You can chose the balls to throw in the top right side of the menue.

In this game you need to bring a ball to the right side of the screen. You can control the balls movement by drawing lines which the ball cannot pass. The ball needs to pass walls of blocks to reach the right side of the screen. This will be more complicated each level. The ball destroys all blocks it hits, as long as they have the same color. A few blocks will change the balls color.

In this game you control a green ball. Your aim is to catch as many black balls as possible while you need to stay away from the red balls. For each black ball you are able to catch, a new red ball is coming. You can control the green ball simply by touching the position it should move to.

This is a memory game. You need to remember a sequence of different colors. Each time you are able to remember the sequence, a new color is added at the end of the sequence.

In this game you need to drive a car through the desert, without touching the sand next to the road. You can make a curve to the left by touching the left side of the screen and to the right by touching the right side.